Nina and Sandra want you to look younger and feel better about your beauty. Our fantastic facials do just that!

Contact our skin and body care experts today to set up your first facial appointment. We offer traditional facials, specialty masks, and the latest in facial technology - IPL Photo Rejuvenation.


Nina Cristantello - Lindauer - LPN, NYS Certified Professional Electrologist, A.A.S.

She can blend her medical professionalism with the desire for the best system of hair removal based on your medical and personal history. IPL Luminese Certified Technician, Inter Light Teaching Certified, Alexandria Sugaring Certified. 

Sandra J. Hood L.L.C Certified Electrologist, Licensed Cosmetologist / Aesthetician 

Sandra Hood is an Electrologist and NYS Cosmetologist / Aesthetician with over 32 years of experience in the beauty related fields. She has been with Delicately You for over 12 years and strives to use a holistic approach whenever possible.
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Trio of Candles
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This is healthy, fat-reducing toxin cleanse creates definite size loss from fatty areas. While you lounge comfortably for 45 minutes, the solution penetrates into fat cells to release toxins to the lymphatic system and reduce cellulite. The toxins are removed from the body as water is consumed over the next 3 days. Best results for ceullulite reduction is a series of wraps. 

"Set-N-Me-Free" Aloe Herbal Body Wrap - $55


A wonderful manual cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, extractions and masking treatment. While the penetrating aloe mask does it's work, you will recieve a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. 


Natural masks designed for your special needs. Ex. Firming, acne, nourish, aromatherpay, fruit peels, chocolate, lifting and many more available. 

A facial using natural pulsed light to excite your cells to get a response. Helps with wrinkles, age spots, large pores, acne, sagging skin and rosacea. (not a laser)
"Natures Peel" Facial - $40
An aloe face cleansing and steaming, then a special organic apple cider vinegar solution is applied and covered with steamy cloths to produce a safe, natural peel. While the solution works you will receive a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. (please no retin A prior to treatment)
Photo Rejuvenation & "Natures Peel" Combo - $85
Ioncleanse Footbath - $30
An alernating positive and negative charge is applied to an array in the footbath, then by osmosis and path of least resistance the toxins are flushed from your body. You will feel relaxed, and a sense of well being. 
Galvanic Spa Facial - $35
A 25 minute facial that uses nu-skin rejuvenating gels with an electronic device that draws out dulling debris and allows pores to breathe while delivering beneficial nutrients that focus cellular energy and facilitate recovery from stress. Your skin will look visibly younger and feel vibrant and revitalized. 
Look Good, Feel Good Mini Spa Special - $55
Ioncleanse and Galvanic Facial
Full Wrap and "Fat Face" Facial - $70
Full Wrap and a cleansing and steaming of face followed with solution gel wrapped in an up-lifted fashion to help rid client of chubby cheeks, double chin and sagging neckline. 
Full Wrap with Mini Facial Add On - $20
Aloe Back and Shoulder Treatment - $40
Thorough cleansing, steaming, exfoliation and masking of the back and shoulder. Special solution can be added to acne prone skin.
Full Body Skin Polishing - $35
Exfoliation and hydration are essential to radiant skin. Go from soft to shimmering in minutes with scrub and moisturizing. 
Microcurrent Facial - $65

In microcurrent facials electrical pulses are delivered stimulating the skin and toning muscles. Micro facials are a safe and non-invasive procedure tat will sculpt and lift your face, accentuate your cheekbones, reduce frown lines and crows feet, boost coiliagen and elasticity in skin. It also stimulates lymph drainage to reduce face and under eye puffiness. You will see results are cumulative. This facial is not performed on people with pacemakers, pregnant women, active cancer, severe diabetics or epilepsy.

Spot Treatments:

Eyes - $15

Chin/Lip - $15

Forehead - $15

Neck - $15

Cheeks - $15


Natural Aloe Herbal Facial - $55

Specialty Masking - $5-10

Photo Rejuvenation Facial - $55