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Pamela A. Walter - LCSWR, ACSW

Pam Walter has over 30 years of practical experience behind her. Pam is a licensed clinical social worker who received her MSW from Syracuse University. She has built a solid reputation over the years. Pam has expertise in many areas.  Her goal is to provide the patient the best care in a safe, confidential environment.

Nina Cristantello-Lindauer - Liberal Arts and Science, AAS degree, NYS LPN, Certified Professional Electrologist, Inner Light Healing Specialist, and Reiki Master.

Nina is the owner of our clinic. She not only has her 30 + year cardiac rehab nursing history, but she also has 30 + years of experience in electrolysis. Her AAS in Liberal Arts and Science (minor in Business) allows Nina to own and operate Delicately You, Inc. to accomodate your scheduling needs with confidence and assurance with complete confidentiality. In fact, she can blend her medical professionalism with the desire for the best system of hair removal based on your medical and personal history. IPL Luminese Certified Technician, Inter Light Teaching Certified, Alexandria Sugaring Certified. 

Sandra J. Hood L.L.C - Certified Electrologist, Licensed Cosmetologist / Aesthetician 

Sandy has more than 35 years of experience in the beauty-related field, 19 of them at Delicately You! 
She strives to use a holistic approach whenever possible. Along with electrolysis, she offers natural sugar and soy based hair removal, USA-grown aloe and herbal facials and body wraps, intense pulse light therapy photo rejuvenation, exfoliating peels, Ioncleanse toxic cleansing foot-baths, and many other skin care services, hydra dermabrasion facial. Alexandria Sugaring Certified. 

Stacy Brazis - LMT

Stacy is a licensed massage thereapist who works with each client based on their needs.  Stacy has been licensed and practicing massage since 2006.  Her education began in Arizona at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  She was introduced to a variety of therapies and had primary specialties in spa treatments.  Stacy is also certified with the La Stone Therapy; the original Hot & cold Stone massage.  She practiced at the Arizona Country Club prior to moving to New York where she continued her education at the Onondaga School of Massage Therapy.  She offers and blends her sessions for each client using a holistic approach.  Stacy does use Young Living Essential Oils in her practice as well.

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